Welcome to Wexford Realty, LLC – Your Trusted Full-Service Real Estate Brokerage*

At Wexford Realty, LLC, we are committed to providing exceptional real estate services. Our two-fold mission sets us apart in the industry.

Comprehensive Brokerage Services

Our brokerage division specializes in all real estate aspects, encompassing residential and commercial properties. Whether you’re buying, selling, or investing, Wexford Realty has the expertise and knowledge to handle any opportunity that comes our way. We pride ourselves on offering top-tier consultancy, making us a standout choice among competitors.

**Why Choose Wexford Realty?**
– Expertise in NYC and Long Island Markets: Our agents are thoroughly trained and experienced in navigating the complexities of the New York City and Long Island real estate landscapes.
– Client-Centric Approach: We prioritize your needs and provide personalized services tailored to your requirements.
– Transparent Policies: For your peace of mind, we have implemented new brokerage policies:
– Identification Requirement: We request identification during the first substantial client meeting, including before property showings.
– No Mandatory Agreements: We do not require clients to sign an agreement upfront.
– Mortgage Pre-Approval: To ensure a smooth transaction process, we require a pre-approval before showing properties to purchasers.

Strategic Investment Division

Our investment division is dedicated to identifying and purchasing distressed properties, offering prime opportunities for profitable investments. We actively buy in critical markets, including New York, Texas, Florida, and Missouri.

Why Invest with Wexford Realty?
Market Insight: Our deep understanding of these markets allows us to identify and capitalize on distressed property opportunities.
– Diverse Portfolio: Investing in multiple states provides a balanced and robust portfolio, minimizing risks and maximizing returns.

Experience the Wexford Difference

Choosing Wexford Realty, LLC means partnering with a company that values integrity, expertise, and customer satisfaction. Our dedication to providing superior real estate services ensures that your journey, whether buying, selling, or investing, is seamless and successful.


Discover the Wexford Realty advantage and let us help you achieve your real estate goals.